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Why China?    
China is the Country of the 21st  Century. Any image that you may have of a Communist or poor people running around pulling “rickshaws” is a misplaced and an erroneous image.

China is a vibrant country of 1,300,000 hardworking, ambitious, and fun loving people. Most of them want what you want, and they are probably working harder than you are to achieve it.

They are fascinated, intrigued, and somewhat pre-occupied with The West. They are very engaging, somewhat chauvinistic, family oriented, and they want what you want. They want your job, and they are working hard to get it.

There are more Chinese who want to learn English than there are Westerners who speak English.

China is a “Land of Opportunity” for you.

China  has a thirst for education and knowledge. You can bring that to them, and they will be thankful to you for doing so.

So, your being in China is a Win-Win. They want you English Skills as well as your Stories about life in The West. In return, you will get an experience of a Life Time, living and working in a Country that is emerging from a rich past and is challenging the West in many areas. You will be a part of this transition.

You will not get rich “Teaching in China,” But, quite frankly, the experience will add to your Resume and your Wisdom and this knowledge will clearly translate into a more rewarding and richer life as you return to your host country and your former or new career.

China, unlike any other Teaching Opportunity, offers you a connection to the past and a window to the future.
Seize the Opportunity. China welcomes you. Welcome to China.

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